Terms & Conditions

Hosting Agreement
* Ant Company provides for design solutions * hosting service and design websites and web servers for many clients and so they are responsible for the protection of the location of each client and provide the best service possible. We put the commitments and conditions and the following policies to achieve this where applicable obligations , conditions and policies on all customers in general , and so we hope the commitment to full compliance with them.

* Ant to design solutions * clearly prohibits any use of the site or the server for distribution , storage , treatment , or link to any of the following :
- Illegal materials : This includes copyrighted works , commercial sounds , video or audio files , and any material conflict with the laws and regulations of any government or organization legitimacy .
- Materials and articles terror directed and non- directed and which urges illustrate the political tracks , and others.
- Adult materials : This includes all Alabahiat , sexual images , or different content Slut and outrageous , which includes the impurity , the contents of any violence or mature

* Ant to design solutions * will be considered as the sole judgment as " adult material ." Content which is considered harmful or distorted any breed , creed , color , or a particular sex . - Pirated material - including pirated software , the ROMS and Emulators, programs and hackers break passwords and spyware .

* Objectionable sites hosting *
Do not never accept * Ant to design solutions * hosting sites listed below at all on whether or hosted the reseller hosting clients or clients servers in general and the decision applies to all its servers are hosted in :
1 - sites nationality .
2 - sites and political extremism .
3 - positions that are contrary to the laws of the following ( copyright - Finished licenses - sites the hacker and penetration ) .

* Use the server *
Use sites the server is limited only to the principal owner , prevents customers authorize one to enter the account or re- sale store , or provide a service analgesia sites paid with or without compensation from their positions to other people unless a prior agreement between the client and the * Ant to design solutions * . It is strictly forbidden any attempt to discredit or causing harm to clients or servers . Use of any illegal account could result in a warning , pause or terminate service or even legal action .

* Violation of law *
Prohibited to use the services * Ant to design solutions * for illegal purposes . Include all uses illegal , such as: an attempt unauthorized access to a computer systems , piracy - the distribution of material copied in violation of the law of publishing , and private copying (MP3s' MPEG, s ROMS, ROM) , gambling and planning for the scam, and circulation of materials obscene , send messages with obscene content or relegated to the purpose of harassing or obscene , Otahedad , or inconvenience other people, the threat of physical harm or damage to individuals or groups. And also prevents the use of the site in contravention of regulations Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan .

* Pornography *
* Do not allow the ant to design solutions * deal through its servers in the trade of child pornography and sex-related material , or link to such material , even if this link legally and should not be on-site to what offends Islam , whether by implication or permit.

* Misuse of resources servers *
* Prohibit * Ant to design solutions * of any misuse Balserfrat for their own purposes in breach of the confidentiality and security of any network or host or account as the use of load centers open files and open source licenses resulting from this open security holes within the hosting. And also like SPAM or sending large batches (flooding), the bombing of the e-mail (mail bombing) or any other attempt to load the network is overloaded or broken altogether.

* Technical Support *
The team * Ant to design solutions * offline for customer service , but on the laws and regulations of certain terms that * Ant to design solutions * is fully responsible for client files and problems of internal client such as the problems of scripts , forums and problems hacks and other terms that * Ant to design solutions * provide support only on hosting special things and not things private files of the client.

* Owners forums and Alscarpat *
* The policy of the ant to design solutions * very strict on matters relating to problems in forums where you will not support any of the problems and we will not install the forums hacks allocated for forums and we will not amending the scripts . Files site is the responsibility of the customer and we are limited to our responsibility in the operation and ensure uninterrupted work hosted this is the foundation and will not accept any request to amend or correct or installing or deleting these things mentioned above never .

* IP and software *
Accompany some hosting offers our installation of some software such as forums, that we which installed the Forum for the client , we are here, we do not provide a license from the company programmed the Forum and the client must purchase a license for its Forum immediately after the installation process so as not to subject its Forum in the future is suspended due to a violation of intellectual property rights . Please note that we 'll shut down the site , or deleted Forum in case of a complaint from the company programmed the forum or other software companies as well.

* The owners of large sites *
All the plans * Ant to design solutions * based on specifications are limited and the quality of sites is not by a large and well-known that large sites need to Astqalalah in servers and on the right * Ant to design solutions * reject any request from the large sites that offer plans hosting regular on the other hand right * Ant to design solutions * off any site has exceeded the threshold required amount of bandwidth and size at the site in general do not accept any sites Ikov number of its members, 50 thousand members where required from the client to discuss the hosting server independently instead of hosting regular , and in this case if the client wishes to withdraw or request the administration's withdrawal plan or change it to a separate server will be the amount paid is strictly Redux .

* Problems with software and codes *
The Systems * Ant to design solutions * thoughtful study of professional and accurate at the hands of experts who protect Systems main company and all ( servers ) are subject to high protection , thanks to God Almighty , and it was setting conditions and certain controls in the use of functions and codes and permits for Balskrepettat where there are a few scripts and old which works on the functions of old and dangerous at the present time and a lot of software has development to keep pace with the latest in safety features and so that * Ant to design solutions * is not responsible for any failure results in the use of the script functions are blocked from work and will not be supportive of her at all as invalidate any item return amounts in these cases , that the ant * solutions * design hosts a large number of sites and there are a very large number of scripts that run on Ant Systems solutions * design * correctly and properly without any problems what has been mentioned above.

* Shuttle service free sites and customer privacy *
The * Ant to design solutions * transfer sites as a free service in some services have to purchase orders for a year where we will move the sites , such as what it was without the intervention , including its content or its problems as the * Ant to design solutions * The transport between the server and the server without looking at what in the content of the site and so we are not responsible for any damage Janibh Wi difference between the various versions of control in terms of ensuring the service clear and explicit in this regard, for as long as the hosting service works Vhama is the main item and invalidate any other item .

* Send bulletins mailing or use to send bulletins ** SPAM *
Prevent * Ant to design solutions * and rigorously operations transmitter in any way , whether through forums sending members dramatically or through brochures or mailing scripts customized to do so , that all servers * Ant to design solutions * equipped with a monitoring system to any closes the site directly while use to send messages , and if the site has been shut down :
1 - the first time : it is shutting down the site for a period of three hours .
2 - for the second time : it is shutting down the site for three days.
3 - For the third time : The final closure of the site and the site will be fined 100 dinars and give a backup to transfer his In both previous cases, is not the return of any material amounts of reserves * Ant to design solutions * wages amount paid for hosting .

* Files audiovisual *
* The host Ant to design solutions * prevent the use of unregistered audio files and video files unregistered officially prohibits the publication of any of these materials only with the permission of the output destination and exclusive copyright Among these files mp3 wav rm ram.

* What are the things banned from use in hosting : *
The * Ant to design solutions * keen great care to security systems, on-site and on that we have programmed a number of programs that run on servers scans servers daily to search for all the file or folder is a risk to the site and users are the most important things that the search for them is :
- Files, viruses and Trojan
- Crippling Bonuaha Russian files and other files that are used for functions Pkintrul sites
- CGI files allocated to penetrate sites
- Ini files with operational orders
- Files . Htaccess serving run or disable both Alrigster Global or sword or Mod Mod Skjorta
- My.cof files that control the numbers of databases specific orders .

All of the above will be strictly prohibited from use in hosting company in case the existence of such files , the company will warn the owner of the site and the separation of service in the event of non-response .

* Support programs *
Supports devices * Ant to design solutions * many programs for working Boukhadmadtha such as CGI and PHP separately on each account has , customers can use any script submitted at their expense or add any scripts additional need, note that the discovery of any enabled causes slow server or weakness can stop without prior notice.

* Piracy and sabotage *
* Ant reserves for design solutions * the right to report any illegal activities to legal or administrative bodies or competent government litigation .

* Penetrate the sites. *
The * Ant to design solutions * securing all servers and web hosting fully settings powerful and protected from any gaps known firsthand follow-up protection sites allocated and promotions programs in its servers and servers where customers * Domain com * duty to secure filling gaps allocated in hosting in servers, also warns * Ant to design solutions * in the previous item for those who are granted powers open in Scarptadthm and Cildathm close these gaps fully * Ant to design solutions * have the right clasps service permanently without conditions unprecedented and gives only a backup copy of the position after the close of the service , in which case there will be no returns financial never , the * Ant to design solutions * also secured servers allocated to customers as standard and systematic and * Ant to design solutions * is not responsible for any breakthroughs produced from scripts or powers granted where we only administrators on what matters concerning server technical and not responsible for what comes in matters sites Interior and where gaps and applies in the case of all customers without exception .

* Owners of rented servers *
1 - The * Ant to design solutions * provide servers rented on prepay whether each year and in this case the client must in case wishes to cancel the service informing * Ant to design solutions * before the date of the invoice for at least 30 days in the event the time for compulsory repayment does not can be undone Start where I've been billed by us and the client is forced and obliged to pay , and in the case of non-payment of client's dues invoice within three days of the maturity of the bill will be * Ant to design solutions * authorized to raise a formal complaint with the competent authorities and will be one of the staff achievement oversees while the issue of the collection of the amount in a friendly way , or is this a formal approval by the client on the foregoing , and * Ant to design solutions * is responsible for the lack of reading these conditions.

2 - in the event of cancellation request will be canceled comprehensive files and content in the server fully and will be canceled files gradually before reaching the time the mandatory 3 days and then night then cancel the server on the last day and work Riloud full (cleared and formate ) so we are not responsible for the loss of any of the client's files after his client's request for cancellation in the official ticketing our client that is keen to take a backup copy before reaching the time firefighters with at least 5 days .

3 - The * Ant to design solutions * provides management servers you fully any play * Ant to design solutions * something difficult you currency in things technical allocated to you and the decision is up to the owner of the server and not for * Ant to design solutions * the right to make a decision contrary to the client's request , where responsibility of the customer , including the request and there is not the slightest responsibility for Ant solutions * design * on what is produced in the client's request .

4 - The * Ant to design solutions * is completely responsible for any breakthroughs produced from the sites hosted on the server we only uphold on the server , and we do something like the workers of the client from issuing any decision technically , that * Ant to design solutions * oversees the server is not monitored and is not responsible for monitoring the server to the client * Ant main tasks of design solutions * as follows: ?
- Preparation of initial protection of the surfer record ? - Preparing the server and software update attached to it ? - Preparing the DNS- processing server for the client to host its positions ? - To solve any technical problem in the server - upgrade programs and not attached to the internal kernel upgrade )

5 - promotions periodic there upgrades carried out by * Ant to design solutions * for free , such as upgrade programs attached to the server of the most important programs Mod Rootkit programs Alvairoal programs and scripts and upgrade the cpanel and there is an upgrade * Ant to design solutions * is responsible for them , including the upgrade kernel and upgrade Apache and upgrade php and upgrade mysql where this upgrade does not always come in abundance and the client can request these services in the section dedicated applications Balserfrat site .

6 - apply to the terms and conditions described allocated to servers hosting customers in all terms of the agreement in general , without exception, said .

* Backup *
The * Ant to design solutions * process backed up daily to all sites hosted Bsarferadtha , the purpose of backup is to ensure no loss of any of the data and re entire system or the location of the image that it was ( By the date of the backup ) in case of a malfunction the system or hard drive crashes your accounts or crash the server in general , but nonetheless doing back up is the responsibility of the client alone , and the possibility of the client to do backup time what he wants and that of the control panel location , We will not send backup for the client and also * Ant to design solutions * not responsible in case the client has to sabotage its own files or occurrence of an act of piracy or the loss of the files , and if so will demand the amount of 25 dinars for each return to databases or files from the backup that you do * Ant to design solutions * Also note that the * Ant to design solutions * is responsible for communications that are taking time after time that the version where the backup is taking four o'clock in the morning time of Jordan and we are not responsible after this time , where it is known that the new version erase the old version and so on.

* Responsibility of the customer *
The client is fully responsible for any activity resulting from their account , as it is responsible for securing a user name and password that you used .

* Mishandling by the client : *
Ill deal with any of our employees or employees of our networks will not be tolerated or condoned it , use the language of hatred or rancor or threats , insults or words out of morals or defamation or swamped send their tickets or send e-mail or call the constant unwanted in general , your will to stop immediately , or delete it permanently if management considered it. No customer is entitled to claim any compensation or amounts paid .

* Domain Names *
Progress * Ant to design solutions * via its service register domain names through a certified and stating when InterNic committed to the client all the conditions and obligations and policies for registering domain names with the official body , note that a domain name registration does not automatically renewed , you will reach the client's message to his e-mail , adopted by the the expiration of the domain name in advance .

* Limitation of Liability *
* Ant to design solutions * have the right to retain any amounts previously paid to any site has been canceled due to a violation or some of the conditions and obligations , or the policies listed and to refuse or cancel or suspend service in accordance with what you see .

* Renew the contract of service *
Service contracts with * Ant to design solutions * renewed automatically , meaning that in the case of expiry of the contract , the contract is renewed automatically for a similar period and the customer is obliged to pay fees owed peer- renewal , in the case of non-payment of fees owed peer- renewal during the 5 days of the entry into force of the new contract are entitled to * Ant Solutions design * stop the service temporarily until the payment of the fees noted that there will be a fee of 15 dinars a peer re- open the site to subscribers , and 30 dinars on the owners of dedicated servers and shared when delays on payments and every day 2 dinars , and in the case of a delay of more than 15 days will be canceled service permanently , and does not assume management * Ant to design solutions * any liability for damages that may be caused to the lessee as a result of this stop and cancellation.

* Guarantees *
Guarantee * Ant to design solutions * survival Site and stability on the servers and our own in America , by 99 % and is stopped work site or cancel the domain name of its holder from outside * Ant to design solutions * or outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for reasons other than certain envisaged by foreign countries is responsible for them , and is stopped work hosting company outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for any reason, the work is not considered * Ant to design solutions * responsible, ** and it does not apply any responsibility for the company's proxy for one of the companies host outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is also considered a request for compensation for any loss due to stop the site or the domain name canceled definitively Neither * Ant to design solutions * any compensation for it to stop.

* Fair Usage Policy *
All web hosting shared subject to fair usage policy for server resources and not allow to go beyond 10% percent of the resources for each site separately , and will be suspended from the site causing the consumption of more than the allowable limit for six hours , and when you repeat it three times , we 'll shut down the site permanently and delivery owner Nschhahtaatih complete closure of the site and the final account on the shared hosting servers . The client can request to do here to move to special server to resolve this dilemma .

* Refunds and financial disputes : *
All amounts paid for * Ant to design solutions * are nonrefundable , this includes the value of wage setting and subsequent additions , regardless of use. When a problem occurs , or a difference in the price or having a financial dispute should let us know about it within five days of its occurrence , and the mistakes of the service request and the incompatibility of hosting is not the responsibility of the * Ant to design solutions * absolutely customer review details of the specifications of the service by his request .

* Cancel the contract for existing customers : *
In the case of the client's desire to cancel the contract must him from messaging * Ant to design solutions * by mail or by fax before the end of the decade to 48 hours , at least for the cancellation of the contract so as to clients hosting and Reseller and Support Services Monthly Lama clients servers they reported before the date of the issuance of invoice by ten days The bill will be mandatory after the due date of the bill in the event of non-payment will be calling the company receivables by official bodies .

* Cancel Service *
* Ant * Design Solutions will be the sole judgment in what constitutes a violation of any of the rules and conditions mentioned above and also has the authority to cancel the service the customer at any time and for any reason the customer is not entitled to claim any sums paid .

* Rejected by hosting ** Ant to design solutions . *
* In case the ant to design solutions * discovering one or irregularities in one evacuation items mentioned in hosting the site after the shift to servers * Ant to design solutions * have the right to refuse hosting.

* FREE * Service Distributor
In the case of manipulation in the use of the owner of Coupon purchases of its own * Ant to design solutions * will be shut down and cancel the service permanently recover without any financial benefits for it.

This agreement represents the entire agreement between the customer and company * Ant to design solutions * and invalidate any other agreement . * Ant to design solutions * her entitlement to change and modify any of these conditions , as it reserves the right to stop or change the services provided there will be a disclaimer before publication .

* Design * Agreement
* The client is required to provide personal information requested by the company in Saheeh beginning of the contract , such as full name and location , which will be installed his design .
* · We do not make any designs before receiving the full amount owed for the required service , we do not accept any pay half the amount before delivery and a half after the delivery or the amount of the installment of other ways . Unless the agreement provides otherwise .
* · You must provide us with the customer with complete and comprehensive information about his conception of the design , which he wants and favorite colors for him and all the other details that help us to complete the design in the form of patients for the client , and the less detail that gives our client the greater the probability of improvisations by the design team .
* · On page prices design shown execution time required for the design of each type of designs , note that deadlines are based on an appointment View sample and not on the delivery date the final and we can not specify delivery date the final page prices design due to the fact that the time of the amendments is subject to the client and not to us.
* · Design issue depends on the taste and talent in the first place things which can not be accelerated or shorthand own time .
* · If approved by the client on a sample presentation and design team began chopping in the design , can not be the work of other modifications to the design after it, all the amendments can be implemented before chopping and not after chipping in any way .
* · Client is not entitled to any rights permanently delete * com * Domain of the design on his site, and the removal of the status of human rights and it should be your only pay $ 1000
JD . It is our determination to disarm rights without reference to us , we will have to drop the wedge design is free in the free section designs and development sites . In addition to demanding the removal of the full value of the rights , amounting to a thousand JD .

Re Services
If you were not 100% satisfied with your purchase , within 30 days from the date of purchase , we will fully refund the cost of your request.